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Saturday, July 4, 2015

Earth, Venus, and Jupiter Line Up

Earth, Venus, and Jupiter are currently lined up in what is known as syzygy (June & July 2015).
There is a particular word with no true vowels perfectly explaining the concept of three planets lining up: syzygy. As of late June and early July 2015, the solar system currently experiences a syzygy with Earth, Venus, and Jupiter forming almost a straight line across their orbits. The image depicting this phenomenon above is derived from the compact disc Planetarium software, version 1.8 (© 1998 JC Research, Toxsoft), which still displays updated astronomy data despite its 20th-century copyright year. Another fantastic facet of the syzygy event, Jupiter and Venus displayed their celestial spheres in the June 30th night sky less than 1/3 degree apart from each other - less than the moon's diameter. While Jupiter and Venus appear near each other often, they usually do not come as close as they did on June 30th! The zoomed-in image below depicts Jupiter and Venus' close proximity and location in the constellation Leo.

P.S. Happy Independence Day in the United States!

Jupiter and Venus are relatively close together in the night sky, currently near Leo (June & July 2015).

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